• Objective
  • CAIPL’s E-Procurement system facilitates the complete purchasing, Material handling and Accounting process of an organization from advertising for inviting quotations, receiving quotations, comparing quotes, finalizing the vendor to the final purchase order through web based work flow and process control.
  • System can be integrated with the current website of the organization for placing the advertisements on it. Registered vendors can log in the system and see the complete details of the tender along with the attached documents. Vendors can fill the online form for bidding for multiple items (multiple times)
  • The system architecture ensures all security at every stage.
  • At Corporate level through Web, review, approval, reporting and querying can be done.


  • Reduced tender cycle-time & postal time
  • Fast and accurate pre-qualification and evaluation, which enables the automatic rejection of suppliers that fail to meet the tender specification
  • Faster response to questions and points of clarification during the tender period
  • Reduction in the labor intensive tasks of receipt, recording and distribution of tender submissions
  • Reduction of the paper trail on Procurement exercises, reducing costs of suppliers.
  • Improved audit trail increasing integrity and transparency of the Procurement process
  • Improved quality of tender specification and supplier response.
  • Intimation to vendor for updating in tender via SMS & E-mail.

Key Featurs

  • Data can be fetched and integrated with the purchase module of current system
  • Maintenance of Item & Item groups and binding items / item groups to Vendor
  • Vendor Management and Contact Management with maintaining all associated details of each Vendor
  • Publish tender
    • Tender Current Date, Due date, Items’ Specification
    • Upload Documents
    • Select Vendors
    • Extend Current Date
    • Tender Modification, Extension and Cancellation with auto intimation
    • Levy handling
  • Approved Indents
  • Location wise
  • Division wise
  • Item details, Item grouping for vendor selection
  • List of Indenter Name, Department, Division & email address

  • Approved Vendor list
  • Division wise
  • Common vendors for multiple division
  • One vendor for multiple location

  • Inquiry Floating
  • Auto vendor selection by system
  • Auto email intimation to all selected vendors

  • Query Management
  • Auto email to indenter and concerned Purchase Manager Intimation to Vendors
  • Data Import Facility from excel.

Enterprise Accounting

  • PO approvals
  • Processing Vendor Bills
  • Calculating Payment due dates and making Payments
  • Petty Cash management Cost centre wise Expense and Cash related reporting
  • Budget Approvals

E-Procurement / Web activities

  • Vendor Registration Vendor Maintenance
  •  Publishing Requirements / tenders
  • Capturing / Entering Quotations
  • Intimating Allotments
  • Capturing Advanced Dispatch Intimations (ADI)
  • Transferring ADIs to Purchase / Inventory Systems (sites)

Web level Reporting
(MIS and Business Intelligence Reporting)

  • Cost centre wise PO related reports
  • Vendor performance analysis Item wise / Location wise
  • Approved Vendor list
  • Project status reporting
  • Budgeted / Actual comparison of project and spending
  • Branch / Project Site activities


  • Receiving Indents from Site / Project
  • Verify the Indent specifications and sufficiency
  • Floating Enquiries to Vendors and transferring the same in Web
  • Receiving Quotation from Web
  • Comparing Quotations
  • Selecting the most suitable Vendor
  • Sending Purchase intimation  to Vendor thru Web / mail
  • Create Purchase Order
  • Approve Rate, Vendor, Quantity, Credit Period, Schedules
  •  Monitoring Vendor Performance 
  • Vendor Account monitoring and settlement
  • Approval of local purchases and executing the same
  • Branch / Project Site activities


  • Receive Material (Create GRN)
  • Verify Material,
  • Challan against PO
  • Forward Material receipt intimation to Vendor thru Web / mail
  • Forward Bills to Accounts with Excess / Less supply /intimation, Debit/Credit Memo
  • Issue Items to Projects
  • Auto and manual indenting for items below Minimum quantity
  • Return of rejected material and account settlement Stock Monitoring / ABC / FSN Reports
  • Branch / Project Site activities


  • Sending Petty Cash request
  • Receiving Cash
  • Preparing Cash Vouchers
  • Making Cash payments with approvals
  • Preparing Budget proposals
  • Log Management
  • Query Management
  • Tender Status Report
  • Tender Status Report
  • Conclusion
  • E-Procurement system caters requirements of Procurements of any kind of organization and it is highly secured system which not only speeds up the process of purchase and procurement but, also maintains the integrity of the organization.