Human Vision Personel Module

Recruitment & Selection Cycle

  • Department heads have facility to forwards manpower request
  • Handles record for manpower planning
  • Management can obtain reports related to future needs
  • Advertisement preparation based on Job Description
  • Applicant data management and resume uploading
  • Keep track of interview schedule and make aware interviewer for it
  • Automated call letter preparation
  • Walk In Interview Provision
  • Delivers Interview & Medical checkup call letters
  • Evaluation and Merit List Preparation
  • Offer Letter generation and Follow-up management
  • Appointment letter generation
  • Keeps health records of all employees along with dependent and beneficiary information
  • Provides various reports including employees all information along with Past experience
  • Documents can be uploaded relevant to qualification and experience

Personnel Management

  • Organization Structure – Both functional & Administrative
  • Department & designation allocation after joining of employees
  • System alert available after completion of probation period of Particular Employee
  • Make available use of competency mapping
  • Company provided accommodation management
  • Enables to handle Facility management like Tour, Transportation, and Canteen
  • Handles employee leaving formalities & Exit Interviews.
  • Enables to access data related attrition rate, causes & employee turn
  • Over keep track of employee grievances, suggestions
  • Medical Reimbursement and leave encashment management

Job Description

  • Job Description based on functional, level and reporting authorities wise
  • Maintains Key Result Area(KRA), Expected Deliverables, Responsibility and Key Performance Indicators(KPI)
  • Also maintains other Functional Skill, Knowledge and ability, Behavioural
    Competencies and System Competencies like EMS and QMS
  • Experiences and Qualifications can also be maintained
  • Auto binding of function, sub-function, level and functional/administrative reporting authorities on allocation JD Is Very Useful Entity For HR In Organization From Recruitment To Retirement.

Training Management

  • It Provides training & development plans and requirements for present and future needs for business up gradation
  • Training Identification
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Induction
  • Training Test
  • On Recommendation
  • Training Resource Management
  • Training Calendar
  • Training Parameters
  • Parameter based on Level, Sub Function & Designation wise
  • Training Document uploading
  • Periodical Training Test
  • Training Confirmation from Employee Training Identification On The Bases Of Different Criteria. Full Flow With Configurable Parameter s. Training Resources & Calendar Planning Features

Training Management

  • Fine Provision for Non-Participants in Training
  • Online Self Training
  • Training Participants Entry
  • Training Feed Back
  • Training Effectiveness
  • Training Certificates
  • Training Analysis
  • Number of training program conducted
  • Training Hours or man days
  • Number of re-training hours
  • % of Effective Training Programs
  • Create training schedules calendar as per requirement
  • Facilitate identifying competent & skilled personal for specific task
  • Maintain record for training type, training cost, location and trainer
  • Post training feedback make aware of effectiveness of the undergone training

Performance Appraisal

  • Parameter based performance appraisal
  • Goal and Target Set with approval workflow
  • Self Assessment with KRA based appraisal management system
  • Periodical and annual reviewing and approval
  • System supports 360 degree appraisal including short and descriptive objectives
  • Time based, Merit based, Up-gradation based promotion management system
  • Parameter determined increment & reward facility
  • Enables to indentify special skilled person to. Accomplish organizational goals. Dynamic Parameter Definition & Auto Appraisal Updating

Full & Final Settlement (TOMS)

  • Full & Final Settlement from Time Office for Leave Balance, OT and Shift Allowances
  • Full & Final Salary preparation
  • Bonus Payment as per CTC
  • Leave recovery
  • Notice Pay Deduction
  • Leave Encashment
  • Gratuity Payment
  • Reimbursement Payment as per pro rata basis

At The Time Of Full & Final Settlement From TOMS, If Company Is Holding Salary For Particular Period Then We Have To Define Manually Otherwise System Will Calculate Automatically. Current Leave Balance Obviously Comes Automatically But We Will Provide Accumulate Balance On Prorate Based.

Full & Final Settlement (PNA)

Employee Will Get His Gratuity As Per Laws with Service Year Slabs & Income Tax Effects Automatically.

Full & Final Settlement (Payroll)

After Full & Final (TOMS),Employee Will Get All The Payments Related To Time Office & Admin In Salary Only.