Document Management System

Does your business still rely on manual processes for business documents? In examining the impact of document processes on profitability, this application presents intelligent automation technology that makes it practical for mid to larger size organizations to realize significant time and cost savings by eliminating manual document processes. Find out how you can automate inbound and outbound document processes on your finger tips.

Midsize organizations recognize the significant benefits of deploying a document management system. However, the traditional approach to developing these systems fails to take into account the unique needs of smaller organizations. This application solicits the challenges faced by consulting and various industries in maintaining to the point documents and its internal communication. It presents a list of "must have" document management capabilities for each department. This refers to the computerized management of electronic as well as paper-based documents.

CAIPL's Secure Documents Management System is a powerful, integrated web based application that helps in documents secure storage, easy retrieval , access & Document flow management. This is having capability to store documents Department wise and Document type wise with different access rights. Document flow management with tracking is available for inbox –send items and action item box. It will be also possible to keep track of forwarding, receiving documents and adding notes (remarks).

1. Employee Management:

Here admin can create their employees identity along with User ID & password. Admin will define the designation, branch and Field related to each member. Administrator will define the roles of each user for the document type.Sender can define the route for the document movement and also can deviate it if as and when required.

2. Document Detail & Flow:

Here the employee will logon to the application using his assigned login details and store or send the document to the respective person in the respective department by selecting from the available options. Copy of the send document will also go to the administrator.

3. Document Scanning and storage

Here the employees of the organization can scan and save the documents at a centre place were from they can access it anytime in future. It does work as a safe for important document.
Document stored here are in encrypted form, which doesn't let any unauthorized person to make any alterations or edition in the document.

4. Document Flow & Tracking:

  • In this module every Document will be noted down & listed in admin panel
  • Here admin can view the list of document in the database, department wise or topic wise
  • Documents which are in transit from one department or individual to another can also be keeping intact
  • Document tracking system will show who has viewed the document and taken action on it


  • Category - Department wise document can be bifurcated
  • Two Dimensional access controls for document access
  • Each user will have access rights programmable by administrator
  • Any type of Document (.DOC, .XLS, .PDF, etc.) can be up loaded. Voice file or video files also can be stored.
  • Reference number, user code & date and time of upload of document available for each document
  • Administrator can assign roles & rights for accessing document
  • Certain document type can be set for user rights for access
  • Document Type & Document is in Encrypted Format
  • Documents Path and users comments can be kept in encrypted form
  • SSL layer can be provided for down load and upload documents(Optional)
  • Complete log book will be maintained for upload - down load and viewing of document
  • Document flow management for each user having Inbox, send Item and Action Item box
  • Document can be sent-forward with message note to any user with Subject note, Upload date and time, initiated by user code, and Urgent Mark
  • Power full inbox will show all inwards to the user logged in. User can attend the message and view the attached document, add his comment and send to any other user. He can reject or terminate the flow by putting complete mark
  • Sender will know the status of his sent document with action taken and remark note
  • Complete track record will be maintained for each document for on line status
  • Access report will be maintained for each user for MIS
  • Highly secured communication with 128 bit encryption applied in System
  • Number of documents can be uploaded in system & handled even if it is binding with multiple department & users
  • System provide Storage & Flow of Document between multiple users
  • DMS provides Flow Management of Document
  • Password recovery by Administrator


  • Graphical Interface
  • Sharing of important docs. Made easy
  • Secured way of maintaining Documents
  • User, Department, Document Type wise Rights
  • Complete control of upload and down load of documents
  • Easy searching of documents
  • User wise access rights will make good accountability
  • Higher accountability in document handling
  • Document on line tracking will improve productivity of each employee. Encryption - 128 Bit Encryption is used. No One can identify user Password, Document Path, Document Name without Application. Flexibility- Application is based on Intranet or Internet, so add Secured Documents in Application & Access it from anywhere
  • We have 2 in 1 Application which supports Primarily Workflow Management & Secondarily Document Storage
  • Priority based Document Flow
  • Higher security level with help of user access controls
  • Time Saving