Catering Management

Macro Catering Features K-1.0

Web base, Multi user, Inquiry handling, Order booking, Cooking and Procurement Management, Billing & Payment. System also provides Utensil Management, Service Item and Rental Item management.

Menu Items Management / Package Management

  • Menu Item – Food item Ordering Made easy. 
  • You can create your own menu structure in which you can give multiple choices for each item group.
  • You can have multiple packages in each package may have different set of item groups & no. of items per group you  can fix for no. of selections for each group. At the time of order, customer can select from menu items available in the package. Item wise photograph of the item, detail of the recipe of the items, preparation time , perishable time, utensil required, etc can be programmed. It is possible to enter special instruction from customer while ordering or while food testing.
  • In each Item you can offer additional Options to the customer. for e.g. pizza topping may have double cheese or may have many topping options. Add  on cost for difference options is programmable . The cost will be added in package cost.  ever you can have different cost for same package for different no. of persons.
  • No menu Items like water bottles,  “Chatni”, Salad, “Papad”, etc., can be also programmed .

Event type and location of event.

  • Different type of events like Birthday party, marriage party, social gathering etc, category of events like Breakfast, Lunch , Dinner, High tea etc. can be configured. Location of event can be different like Banquette hall, Party plot, Out side Hall, out side open plot, customer’s premises, etc.
  • These are important for Package costing and offering  other services.

Inquiry & offers

  • Inquiry details , Basic requirement from customer can be entered on phone or personal visit or by any other correspondence. This inquiry will have query list which need to be answered by customer which are necessary to decide size of order and type of follow up required.

Sales Order Booking and taking details for package offered

  • Order can be booked by taking all the details from the customer for the event. More than one event booking can be done for single order.
  • Package details can be discussed and for each course meal different selections can be offered. Selected items per each option with remark, customer instructions, selection of modifiers ( add on options) available with the items can be entered.
  • Cost per Person can be viewed on line after every selection. This will be based on per dish cost entered in master data for each menu item and number of portion programmed in the package.
  • Order can be taken based on Ala- carte  - User can select Items from menu Item list and he can enter quantity required. The billing can be done based on the final Item supplied to the customer , not on the basis of number of persons.

Sales Order Planning

  • Sales Order planning details can be entered by Event management team. Separate decision can be taken by different type of activities.
  • Crockery selection, quantity of  each utensil item including disposable items and information entry for usage of utensil for which menu item can be entered to help supervisor working on event on site.
  • Serving utensils and quantity can be decided based on number of PAXS and number of Serving counters for different Courses.
  • Service Items like Tables, Chairs, Counters, Washing , live counters fixtures, site cooking equipments, depending on menu selection can be entered.
  • Rental Items on chargeable basis can be selected and order can be given to sub -contractors.

Cooking Planning and Material Procurement Planning

  • System will provide you the kitchen order ticket for cooking management. For Bought out items Purchase indent will be generated from the system .
  • The quantity of Items to be prepared will be calculated from  no. of person and portions require for each person for each menu Item.
  • You can have central kitchen where you are preparing most of the food for all the events going on date wise total kitchen order ticket printed for all the instruction, preparation time, delivery time, dispatch mode etc.
  • Even system will provide you quantity for bought out items event wise.
  • On KOT the details like Instructions and preference of each Item for  preparation, add-ons  option selected etc., will be printed beside every menu item. The customer comment or requirements can be enter at the time of order or while food testing / trial.
  • The portion of each dish can be Pre-programmed based on Package and type of events.

Utensil Management

  • Utensil can be of any category disposable or returnable. Utensil can be crockery, metal utensil, plastic or paper utensils.
  • Major Utensil type is
    • individual serving utensil with food will go to every person and total quantity required depends on directly based no number of Persons,
    • Serving utensil depend on type of serving and no. of persons and type of Menu Item dishes. You can program set of utensil per no of persons to calculate total quantity required.
    • Utensil required for packing material is required only when Serving is outside of premises ( outdoor catering).  Packing Utensil depends on type of menu items , prepared – semi prepared food or Raw material. The size of utensil depends on the quantity of Total material to be transferred. Big Plastic containers, bags or Drums are also required transfer Utensil also.
  • You will come to know at the time of order execution how many utensil are required this will reduce last time rush to manage small things.
  • System will help in providing list of total numbers at the time of dispatch to site or while taking back material from site. You can enter unutilized disposables, like paper plats, plastic plates, paper napkins, etc.

Service Items / Rental Items

  • Rental  items like  Hall , party plot,  music system, flower decoration, etc. can be offer to customers.
  • You can have different structure for service items also ( non billed) like  chairs, tables, fix lightings ,etc. )
  • This structure will make your life easy to remember customer's comments for individual items while selecting items.
  • When customer is asking modification in standard package it is possible to view cost per person before committing additional request of customer.

Billing & Payment

  • You can receive advance payment while booking order and generate invoice (bill) for final payment.
  • Multiple  events in one order. We provides you different type of events and different type of locations. Different type of event means breakfast, lunch, dinner,  hi-tea, etc.. Different type of location means customer's place, banquet hall, party plot, etc..
  • Returnable items deduction or any extra items consumed or any extra service provided can be added in final Invoice.
  • Single invoice can be generated for multiple events.

Dispatch order , Dispatches, Material received at site and Material return from Site back to store.

  • Event wise Dispatch Order can be made. This is helpful for different level of dispatch planning and instructions to store keeper, Kitchen supervisor, transportation for out door catering.
  • Based on dispatch order individual person based on his roles and responsibility can view the work list, to be delivered item list.
  • System provides complete manpower mgmt. also. When order required manpower will be provided by the system.
  • Actual dispatch can be done – event wise from different locations. It is possible to register Contractors Items also.
  • The system handles complete returnable items mgmt. also so, the person working on site can see what item he need to collect & send to store.
  • The event wise Crockery loss, breakage, missing can be entered for event wise costing.

Manpower Management

  • You can allocate manpower event wise which is man power planning and other person will handle manpower placement.
  • You can order number of manpower to various agencies / contractors and generate follow up. System will remind the follow up at right time and show work completed once persons arrives at site.
  • Even it is possible to allocate work to your supervisor or project in charge working for different roles or different events, they can see their work allocated and pending and they can even enter work completed status and remarks if required.
  • This will create complete mgmt. system and system is capable to handle multiple users working at different level.

Contracts Management

  • Service item wise or Food Item wise it is possible to give the whole work or part of work on contract to contracting parties.
  • Contract can be generated while doing Event planning – Event wise order planning.
  • Service Item wise –Approved contractor’s List. Rate / charges list.
  • Follow up list for contractors , Event wise work pending.
  • Work Completion – entry .
  • Event wise report
  • Contractor wise performance report.

Work allocation – activity / Task Management – follow ups.

  • Service Item wise activities can be define  for Task auto generation. ( Service Item wise – Tasks  / activities can be defined.)
  • Task / activity type wise User’s list for allocation selection. ( Task type wise Users Master)
  • User wise - project wise / event wise allocation.
  • Task type wise auto allocation

The Front End Software “ Catering Management System” is connected / Integrated with Back office ERP Management System.

ERP Features

Purchase Management System

  • Supplier - approved vendor list- Item group wise. Type of supplier and category can be entered. Contact details , tax – currency – shipment details master maintenance.
  • Supplier Performance report ,Item wise Quality, Quantity and timely supply analysis.
  • Item wise last few purchase details. Item sales or consumption pattern for purchase decision.
  • Purchase Indent for various department. Reorder level  Indent and General Indent
  • Purchase order. Different transaction type for Different PO, Like For Raw material, Service Items, Asset Items, import Material PO,  etc, .
  • PO will have Item details, Quantity, Unit, Rate , currency, total amount, Tax details, expected date of delivery, payment terms and other terms.
  • PO approval by higher authorities. Transaction type wise and value wise authority can be different.
  • Purchase reports. Pending purchase order list for follow-up.
  • Goods Receipt Note, Purchase Invoice Voucher entry.   Taxes and Extra Expense can be entered later.
  • Purchase Bill passing for payment after approval from Quality control.
  • Material Receipt intimation to Indenter or Production department.
  • Landed Cost calculation.
  • Purchase return with type (Discrepancy- for quality, quantity, terms and conditions , or material specifications, etc. ) – rejection analysis.

Procurement Planning:

  • Purchase Indent can be generated based on Shortages  ( Material required not in stock).
  • Raw material in stock or Access Purchase order quantity or Semi finished ( intermediate Material)  stock available quantity can be consider while calculating Shortage quantity.
  • Purchase planning for Raw Material , Consumable Material, packing material etc., can be done by keeping minimum stock level. The Indent can be generated for the Item going under minimum level.

Supplier Management and control

  • Supplier Category wise payment planning.  Credit days  for payment planning . 
  • Special feature for entering Forecasting for payment receipts – for batter payment planning.

    Party ledger  in fixed foreign currency – define for each supplier .


Item Structure:

  • Flexible Item Grouping, 4 level of Groups with Hierarchy . 10 groups at same level.  10 features  can be linked for special functionalities.
  • Item Search facility and Item filtering in reports  based on Item grouping.
  • Item code & Name auto generation structure based on sort code given to Item groups.
  • Open Item features with values & Unit (like Height, width, length, thickness, density etc.). Dependable Item features for calculation from other Features (Like Area, weight, chargeable area etc.). Item features can be defined for each last level of Item group.

Inventory Management & Control

  • Multiple  Location Wise Inventory handling.
  • Material type - raw material, packaging material or even essential materials
  • Issue from Main Store to other location like kitchen / restaurants or Customer Site.
  • Minimum Order level for each Item – Location wise – division wise, for Purchase indent.
  • Minimum level qty can be decided based on Consumption pattern and lead period for purchase.
  • Material Requisition- store indent from Kitchen department – KOT / order wise.
  • Stock valuation based on purchase value and landed cost value.
  • GRN can be related to the Indent. Email notification during GRN, to the concerned person generating the PO.
  • Stock report for any level of group selection.
  • Material lot number will be given by system at the time of inward / Goods receipt note.
  • Quality check / no check required can be define  Item wise.  
  • Consumption, Wastage Entry. Cost center can be defined.
  • Stock Adjustment for item code change or
  • Physical Stock Verification.
  • Division wise location wise stores valuation & closing stock
  • Inventory Reports, Stock Ledger, Stock Summary
  • Issue, Consumption, Wastage  etc. registers
  • Costing for each produced material.
  • ABC Analysis for fast slow moving.

Inventory Management System

Financial Accounting System

  • Chart of account , N-Level Account grouping.
  •  Grouping can be done for Revenue accounts, Direct and Indirect Expense accounts, Cash and Bank accounts, Supplier and Customer accounts and   Control accounts.
  • Multiple division accounting – system will handle auto reverse entries for multiple accounting for cross division entries.
  • Division wise users rights fixed to control division wise entries by authorized users. Supper users to have multiple divisions’ entries.
  • Multiple level of cost center. Cost center selection while expense entries.
  • Multiple currency on each transaction. Currency Gain & loss at the time of transactions.
  • Transactions are  having multiple transaction types- for  different approval authorities.
  • type wise different Prefix for transaction serial number.

    Approvals  for each transactions- with different delegation of power.

FAS Transactions:

  • All Accounting Vouchers.
  • Cash Payment, Cash Receipt, Cheque Payment, Cheque Receipt.  intimation to various department.
  • Payment request from various department to account manager.
  • Multiple cash book for different department. Weekly report for department wise expenses mainly for unplanned expenses or emergencies.
  • Expense vouchers ( for Utilities, transports etc.) bill booking and payments.
  • Entry at Purchase Voucher, Bill wise Expense, also at Cash Payment and Cheque Payment. .
  • Journal voucher and Contra vouchers. Division wise internal account adjustment can be done. Auto JV for Division wise reverse entries from various transactions.   
  • Credit Note, Transaction type for different type of Credit notes. 
  • Debit Note.  Transaction type for different type of Debit notes.
  • Bill wise Payment & Receipt & Handling of Bill wise Advance Payment Settlement.
  • Division wise Voucher entries with different serial number.
  • Cost center can be entered in vouchers for required accounts. Cost center wise reports.
  • Users Authorities for Add – Edit Delete and view. Transaction locking after prescribed period. 
  • All Vouchers memo Printing.
  • All Transaction Register.