Human Vision Time Office Module


Attendance System & Policies

Time Attendance System :

  • Integration with any punching machine
  • Auto fetching of punches
  • Auto processing of punch data
  • Attendance data settlement based on defined policy and parameters with respect to effective dates
  • Date-Employee/Employee-Date wise Exception handling
  • Attendance management for Non-Punching employees
  • Night-First Punch handling

Time Attendance Policies :

  • Attendance parameter flexibility
  • Shift wise attendance parameter
  • Day half type wise attendance parameter
  • Parameter definition based on category/grouping with effective dates
  • Application parameters for various online applications
  • Grace Late In & grace Early out
  • Allowable times or rate based Late Coming Slab/Early Out Slab
  • Salary deductions as absenteeism and Late In Deduction

Shift Management

  • Department Head can control his employee’s Shift scheduling.
  • Auto Shift (System will generate based on punches available)
  • Shift Scheduling by roaster, pattern based, 2X2 matrix, quick shift scheduling
  • Fixed and rotational shift management
  • Shift change provision for both single change and mutual Change with other employee
  • Shift based compensation calculation
  • Manual shift change amendment facility
  • Approval based shift allocation system
  • Half/Full week-off allocation in single/multiple/alternate week Supervisor can define Day Wise Shift (Shift Schedule) for his/her Subordinates with copy-paste facility to minimize work. Time Keeper can define Fixed Shift(s) & Week Off(s) by assigning only once in lifetime. Auto Shift (System will generate based on punches available)

Holiday & Week Off Management

  • Different location wise Office, factory & contractual department type wise holiday
  • Restricted holiday declaration with workflow
  • Holiday and Week off adjustment on any other day
  • Holiday type like paid and festival pay
  • Special Holiday for natural disasters and social constraints like curfew, election etc.
  • Full / Half week off with alternate week facility
  • Single / Mutual week off change with workflow
  • Week off scheduling in case of open shift for rotational employee Employee can declare their fixed value of holidays through ESS with approval from his/her approving authority. After Declaring Holiday they can adjust their holidays as per their requirement through ESS

Overtime Management

  • Point to point & Shift based OT generation
  • OT reconciliation with advance leave
  • Before / After shift OT generation
  • OT on tour, Break present & rack handling
  • OT adjustment for Release / Deductions Pre Request Based Overtime with approval workflow. Supervisor has to send request for sub ordinates’ overtime.
  • OT eligibility based on category, grade etc.
  • Parameter for OT generation & rounding
  • Pre Request / Post Request / Automatic approval workflow for OT generation
  • Regular OT / Week off OT / Holiday OT bifurcation with respective rates Post Request Based Overtime with approval workflow. Overtime generates on the bases of eligibility.

Leave Management

User can define any number of leave with different basic rules& policies for application and encashment. Enhanced rules like Certificate For Medical, Non Clubbable Policies &Consequent Leave Required Or Not etc.

Leave Type Wise Leave Definition With Different Rules :

  • Yearly / Carrier Time Based / Requirement Based / Auto generation
  • Gender Based
  • Carry forward able option
  • Leave with pay
  • Exclude week off & holiday
  • Quarter leave & short leave facility
  • Application parameters like spell, Leave days Limit etc.
  • Encashable parameters like spell, leave days Limit, minimum balance
  • Non clubbable relation between leaves
  • Certificate validation for certain leaves
  • Compensatory Off generation on tour and extra working

Leave Management

Leave Crediting Rules :

  • Based on category, grade etc.
  • Crediting frequency monthly / half yearly / yearly
  • Pre Credit / Post Credit facility
  • Defines eligibility for existing / newly joined / Left employee
  • Proportionate calculation for newly joined / Left employee
  • Lapse features for carry forward able leave after reaching maximum limit

Leave Functions :

  • Online Leave Application
  • Online Leave Balance and Rules
  • Leave Approval workflow
  • Online Leave Encashment
  • Leave Resumption
  • Leave balance with approved/unapproved/cancellation/non-availed status

Other Functions

  • Tour Application
  • Short Leave Application
  • Missing Punch Application
  • Official and Personal Gate Pass for Outgoing Employee
  • Company Transport Late In Consideration
  • Attendance Data Transfer to Payroll Module
  • C-Off Adjustment

Employee Self Service (ESS)

  • Employees can access their personal-official information
  • Employees can apply online leave, Overtime, Week-off change, Shift change request
  • Enables employees to apply online Claim for Leave Travel Allowance, Leave encashment
  • Reimbursement Claim option
  • Shift Schedule, Attendance Data and Leave Balance with Ledger View
  • Travelling & Halting Allowance Claim
  • Income Tax Declaration
  • Employee Reporting System
  • Self Appraisal
  • Survey & Feedback
  • Helpdesk & Issue Tracking
  • Have Access to Pay Slip, Personal detail view & Various Reports

Manager Self Service (MSS)

  • HODs (Managers) are provided with special rights to access several transactions and reports
  • Have rights to approve/reject online leave, shift change, week-off change applications
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Can forward various applications to higher authorities for discussion
  • Can forward man power request to HR department
  • Goal Setting, Target Approval
  • Appraisal Review
  • Training Need Identification
  • Automated system alert to make managers aware about pending transaction